CD, Paris Cafe

CD, Paris Cafe

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With selections by legendary singers of chanson, musette, and more, this album is a return to the bistros, cafes and cabarets of 1950s Paris.

The opening song by French chanson legend, Charles Trenet, sets the stage. While Trenet composed several other songs featured on this collection, here he sings the iconic “Douce France.” Another French star, Lucienne Delyle, follows with her beautiful rendition of the Cole Porter classic, “C’est Magnifique.”

Paris Café closes with two exceptional, young singer-songwriters. Born in France and raised there and in several other countries, Francesca Blanchard covers the Carla Bruni hit “Quelqu’un M’a Dit.” Finally, Giorgis closes with a sparse rendition of the classic “Vous Qui Passez Sans Me Voir:” “You, who passes by without seeing me / Without even telling me good evening / Give me some hope tonight.”

Included in the booklet is a recipe for the Pépa cocktail, named after French silent film star Pépa Bonafé. Be transported to the bistros of Paris with this collection of classic French songs, Paris Café. Bon voyage!

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